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Dive into these summer reads


Though I want nothing more than to lie in the sand and do nothing most days, the flavors of summer are too good to treat as a passing fling. This season, I want to cultivate a deep relationship with my food, journey into new culinary territory, and learn a lot of new things along the way. 

There are so many great cookbooks out right now. Below are a few that caught my attention.

Ripe Figs Book.jpeg
Ripe Figs by Yasmin Khan


British-Iranian writer and former human rights campaigner Yasmin Khan is back with another book, this time exploring the Eastern Mediterranean cuisine of Turkey, Greece and Cypress. Featuring healthy, seasonal, and vegetable-forward recipes, as well as an exploration of both historical and migratory trends shaping the food of this region, this is the perfect way to expand your summer menu and learning from a renowned writer. 

Mother grains.jpeg

Mother Grains by Roxana Jullapat

Unique grains seem to be all the rage these days, and for good reason. The depth of flavor that can be achieved by swapping generic commercial flours with ancient and heirloom varieties is immense. Although summer might not be baking season, I am more than willing to face the heat in exchange for an ancient grain chocolate chip cookie. 

my shanghai.jpeg
My Shanghai by Betty Liu


An homage to the homestyle Shanghainese food that Betty Liu grew up on, this book explores both the city and its recipes, showcasing the seasonal and local influences of the cuisine.

La Vita e Dolce.jpeg
La Vita e Dolce by Letitia Clark


I’m ready to operate on island time and live the sweet life, and this book seems like the perfect way to do just that. Set to release in July, this book showcases Clark’s favorite sweet recipes inspired by her time living in Sardinia.

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“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.” James Beard

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